Give Kids The World Village: An Ideal Wish Trip Destination

Have you ever wanted ice cream for breakfast and a trip to Sea World all in the same day? At Give Kids The World village you can have it. Located in Kissimmee Florida, Give Kids The World Village is an ideal destination for wish trips. Children who are between 3 years of age and 18 years of age and have been diagnosed with life threatening illnesses via a licensed medical doctor, can visit Give Kids The World.villa_interior

At Give Kids The World village they have 141 villas for families to stay in. Each villa has two bedrooms, a washer and dryer and a kitchenette (that is stocked with some great snacks upon arrival). A jacuzzi tub in one room and a full bath near the other room make for plenty of room for large families.

Tickets to attractions such as Walt Disney World, Sea World and even Universal Studios are all donated and these families are able to enjoy a week long vacation together. Not only are families given tickets to the above named attractions, there are also tickets to Animal Kingdom and more. Upon request there are other venue available such as Busch Gardens in Tampa or other local venues.

Each park provides the family with the royalty treatment. The wish child is given a special badge that gains access into the private entrances of the attractions and grants them special entrance privileges ad shorter lines.

It doesn’t stop there however, Give Kids The World is a resort in and of itself. Founded in 1989 by Henri Landwirth, a holocaust survivor. Jason Hope states (” Landwirth started Give Kids The World after a reservation had been cancelled by the family of a terminally-ill child that had died while making arrangements for the trip”.

The resort boosts its own swimming pool, sprinkler GKTW-parkpond (all AMA accessible) and more. From the Gingerbread House where three meals per day are served up (free of charge to families) and the Ice Cream Shoppe (again, ice cream for breakfast anyone?) to the Castle of Dreams where a child can have their star (with their name on it) put up on the ceiling.

Volunteers from such groups as Boston Market, Perkins Restuarant and other local venues all supply food and fun for the resort. Families are even provided with free rental cars for the duration of their stay thanks to generous donations by Avis Rent a Car. Meals are served up by volunteers themselves and you’ll find plenty of other volunteers in and around the village to help you with any needs that may arise.

Daily visits from Miss Merry and Mayor Clayton will delight children of all ages. Special gifts will be left in your villa while you are out and about that will delight the family upon their return. Too tired to make it to the Gingerbread house? Check out the pizza parlor and have a pizza delivered to your villa. Ride the carousel after dinner or simply go exploring and play a round of mini golf. Ride the train through the village and take in the sights. There is so much to do here that anyone would be hard pressed to get everything in on their visit.

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